Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fasting--Days 20, 21, and 22

 I just received Doreen Virtue's newest book Angel Words: Visual Evidence of How Words Can Be Angels in Your Life in the mail ,and I am loving it. Similar to the work that Masaru Emoto did with water, showing that positive words created different crystalline structures and colors in the water molecules than negative words, Virtue has discovered that positive words create very different energy graphs on her computer than negative words. While positive words create loose expansive patterns, negative words create tight contractive patterns.

Studies have shown that the use of negative words during major surgery increases the need for pain medication post-operatively. It has also been shown, through the use of magnetic resonance tomography, that pain related words activate the pain centers in the brain. This knowledge can be used to our advantage by deliberately choosing to focus on positive words.Virtue offers many wonderful anecdotes of people who have done just that and experienced incredible transformations in their lives. Here are a few:

Carolyn: She owned a metaphysical store in Nova Scotia for five years prior to learning about the power of Angel Words. When people asked her how her business was going, she would reply, "I'll never be rich, but it pays the bills." And that is exactly the way it stayed for her. But once she realized that her words might be contributing to the store's static financial situation, she changed the way she responded when people asked her how business was going. Her new answer was, "Fantastic! This place is a goldmine!" Within one year of beginning this new approach, her business sales had increased by 40 percent.

Jessica: She had spent most of her life struggling to make ends meet, going from one job to another and finding it impossible to complete her college education. At the age of 36, she was still living at home with her mother. Then she began to study meditation and found herself very attracted to the Angel Word benevolent and decided to use that word as her mantra, and she focus on seeing benevolence in everyone around her. This one simple practice completely changed her life. She now has good job that provides her the flexibility she needs to finally complete her college degree which will allow her to pursue a career that she is truly passionate about.

Esther: When she was growing up, her father continually used the statement, "Life is not a bowl of cherries." So, naturally, when Esther became an adult to found herself continually using this statement as well. And her life certainly was not a bowl of cherries. Then she was introduced to the practice of using positive affirmations and decided that turn about was fair play. She began using the statement, "Life is a bowl of cherries!" Within a very short period of time, her life completely turned around. She has a wonderful partner, a beautiful home, and she owns her own business.


Day 20 (January 21): My weight was 92.6, my blood pressure was 100/70, my pulse was 80, and my temperature was 98.1. I am starting to really feel the fast. Need to spend more time flat out in bed. It is harder to sit up for any length of time. Only slept 3 hours last night. Moderate lower GI gas, no bowel activity. I took a long Epsom salt bath and when I got out of tub and sat down on a towel on the floor I involuntarily expelled a big blob of thick, gelatinous, yellow mucous (about 3 tablespoons worth) from my vagina/uterus. Acupunture treatment today. The color was dark enough to stain the towel. Drank 3 quarts of water. Urine is quite dark.

Day 21 (January 22):  My weight was 92.4, my blood pressure was 90/60, my pulse was 76, and my temperature was 98. Slept 4 hours. I woke up very nauseated and stayed that way until around noon. Starting to get some muscle tightness. Mouth has felt very, very acid today. Moderate lower GI gas, no bowel activity. Drank 3 quarts of water. Have moment of intense thirst, but also find it difficult to drink water. Urine is quite dark.

Day 22 (January 23):  My weight was 92, my blood pressure was 90/64, my pulse was 84, and my temperature was 98.1. Slept 4 hours. Very weak and tired today. Getting some light-headedness when I stand, so have to be more careful. Moderate lower GI gas, no bowel activity. Drank 3 quarts of water. Mouth again feels quite acid. Have moments of intense thirst, but also find it difficult to drink water. Urine quite dark with a strange reddish tinge (kind of like when you eat beets). Urine gets check in the morning, so we will see what they have to say about it. Had my third B-12 shot today. While food looks and smells good, I have absolutely no hunger.


Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echos are truly endless.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta


zippy890 said...

Sending you warm and positive thoughts. I'm glad you can still post. What are the doctors saying?


Thea Sophia said...

Perhaps the acid and mucous are signs of parasites dying? Candida likes to hang out vaginally.

Red urine is a sign of porphyria.. says liver enzyme distress. Careful. Porphyrics use high carb loading to reverse before need of an IV of glucose.

I am on day three using the Terminator zapper.. not sure what it is doing yet. Thanks Alicia!

A lovely little ditty for you: How could anyone ever tell you that you're anything less than wonderful? How could anyone ever tell you that you are less than whole? How could anyone fail to notice that your loving is a miracle? How deeply you're connected to my soul.

Surrounding you with light and love, I see you healthy, whole, healed and filled with energy, wisdom and joy.

Hugs and smiles,

RAW FOOD R&R: Rations & Rational said...

Thank you for your effort in typing out these offerings from the likes of Doreen Virtue's book et al that you do. I really appreciate them, you choose really nice things to post about. Congrats on the discharge! (uh, ha ha but I really mean it : )

Anonymous said...

WOW, it looks like things are moving.Thanks for these posts, everybody!! Positive words and actions always bring positive results at some point in time. Keep up the good work and attitude. Are you able to sit out in the sun at all? It too is healing. Love you much, Mom

Alicia said...

I love reading your blog, happy you're able to continue sharing. I pick up that pretty, little purple book every time I'm in the bookstore and thumb through it. I love the stories you shared from it today.
Wonderful to hear you're able to continue fasting. You're doing so great!
I'm very interested to hear what your urine test reveals.
I really enjoy reading what your supporters have to say, especially your sweet mom!
Wishing you quality sleep and much comfort.

Thea - Please let me know how the zapper works out for you. I'd love to hear! :0)